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Community Risk Reduction: Part of the Job with Chad CostaOne of the least exciting jobs for a firefighter is the dreaded Community Risk Reduction assignment. In an urban environment, …2024/07/042024-07-04 11:00:55
Command Post Placement and Distractions with Robby BergersonIncident commanders, here are some questions for you: How much thought do you put into where you set up your …2024/06/202024-06-20 04:00:05
How to Set Standards for Probie Training with Jesse MarcotteThis week’s show is related to another recent one. If you haven’t heard episode 344 with Jennifer Stanislaw, go ahead …2024/06/132024-06-13 04:00:36
Two-In/Two-Out: An Idea Whose Time Has Passed with Sean DuffyFirefighters around the country are looking at the possibility of a new OSHA ruling very carefully. I’m talking about the …2024/06/062024-06-06 04:00:27
Avoid Death by PowerPoint and Still Teach a Class with Jennifer StanislawFrom Day One in the fire service, the lecture is the standard teaching method. Sometimes, it seems like fire departments …2024/05/302024-05-30 04:00:58
Using a Halligan Hook as a RIT Tool with AB TurenneEvery firefighter who rides an engine has a favorite tool: The Halligan Bar. As nearly all young firefighters learn, it …2024/05/232024-05-23 12:00:17
A Call to Arms with David RhodesIf you were among those fortunate enough to be in the audience at the opening of FDIC 2024, you heard …2024/05/092024-05-09 04:00:17
Why Are So Many Firefighters Ready to Leave the Profession? with Dr. Reggie FreemanFire departments around the U.S. are approaching a tipping point. At the same time career departments are seeing a drop …2024/05/022024-05-02 04:00:19
How to Combine Safety and Aggressive Firefighting with Ryan ScellickThere’s a constant battle between firefighters who believe that safety on the fireground precludes aggressive tactics. The opposite is also …2024/04/142024-04-14 04:00:18
Storage Unit Fires: Look for “Residents” with Tim ThompsonWhat’s potentially harder to locate victims in than a hoarder house? A stuffed-full self-storage locker. But that’s exactly what can …2024/03/282024-03-28 13:45:08
Fighting fires can also damage your hearing (with Brian Daboul)Are you ready for this? There’s a whole class of hazardous chemicals that can damage your hearing, and they’re by-products …2024/03/142024-03-14 09:45:51
PFAS in Turnout Gear May Be Hard to Replace with Bryan OrmondA recent study done at North Carolina State University took a look at PFAS chemicals used in turnout gear and …2024/03/012024-03-01 12:30:28
Last Man Out with Jeremiah KingOne of the best ways to learn anything is by experience. A better way, though, is to learn from others’ …2024/02/152024-02-15 14:30:23
HyperSight Vehicle-Mounted TICs with Stan CannataAnyone who has ever fought a wildland fire knows situational awareness is critical to safety and effectiveness on the fireground. …2024/02/082024-02-08 13:15:35
NFPA: Is it Doing the Job? with Bobby EckertThe National Fire Protection Association seems like a pretty important organization. For example, its reports are routinely used by fire …2024/01/182024-01-18 10:14:30
Firefighter mental health in small bites with Sheena GloverIf you’ve ever known a firefighter who committed suicide, you know how it can change your life. It may have …2023/07/132023-07-13 04:00:38
10 Years Gone: The LODD of the Granite Mountain Hotshots (with Todd Able)Friday, June 30, 2023, is the 10th anniversary of the deaths of 19 wildland firefighters in Arizona. They were hotshots, …2023/06/292023-06-29 11:00:41
Wildland Firefighting Decision-Making with Chad CostaIt’s getting hotter outside, and that traditionally signals the start of wildland fire season in the U.S. Nowadays, of course, …2023/06/152023-06-15 04:00:10
Are You (Still) In Shape For This Job? with Aaron ZamzowHow fit are you? If you’re newer to the fire service, say two or three years in, you’re probably still …2023/05/252023-05-25 04:00:19
More on Reading Smoke with Phil JoseOn this episode, we’re once again talking with Phil Jose, the recognized expert on the art of reading smoke. As …2023/05/112023-05-11 04:00:13
“The Call We Carry” with Cody SheaWe’ve talked several times on this show about PTSD and its effects on firefighters. It’s a serious problem, one that …2023/05/042023-05-04 04:00:26
SLICE-RS, Risk, and Saving Lives with Robert AvsecThis week, we’re going to make some people angry. We’re talking structure fires, risk, and SLICE-RS. If you’re a probie, …2023/04/202023-04-20 09:30:39
Harassment: Still a Real Problem in Some Firehouses with Linda WillingToday’s subject may make you uncomfortable. If it does, that’s not a bad thing—so stick with me. You could save …2023/04/132023-04-13 11:15:26
When Your Fire Service Brotherhood Isn’t One … with John CuomoThe fire service is often called a brotherhood…or a sisterhood, these days. But how strong is that bond, really? One …2023/03/302023-03-30 04:00:54
Using Fire Department Culture to Build Your Team with Jason CaugheyThere’s a lot of talk in the fire service about the culture. It’s important, which you already know. It’s even …2023/03/232023-03-23 04:00:41
How to Build Your Fire Department’s Social Media Program with Scott Freitag and Kathy GoodmanLarge-city fire departments with multiple PIOs have been showcasing their activities on social media for some time. If you have …2023/03/092023-03-09 11:23:36
The Fire You May Not Be Ready to Fight with Steve LohrJust about every area served by fire departments includes a large warehouse or two. If you drive by it, I …2023/03/022023-03-02 04:00:35
Takin’ Care of Mrs. Smith at the Phoenix Firefighters Symposium  Earlier this month, about 400 members of the fire service—from more than 20 states—got together for the Phoenix Firefighters …2023/02/232023-02-23 04:00:00
Training for the Expected, Not the Exceptions with Doug Cupp  If you do enough training evolutions, you will inevitably come up against a trick scenario. You know, the ones …2023/02/092023-02-09 04:00:33
What’s Important for Firefighters to Argue About with Philip ClarkAs a firefighter, you have probably developed some strong opinions on at least a few topics. Some people call them …2023/02/022023-02-02 04:00:28
Looking Ahead to 2023 with Randy HanifenWe’re getting close to the end of another year, and this one, like the last few, seems to have been …2022/12/012022-12-01 04:00:59
Risk: Yes, You DID Sign Up For This with Steve PrziborowskiDo you detect a lack of willingness among your firefighters to take risks? Have company officers – or your department …2022/11/242022-11-24 04:00:50
Training So They Can’t Get it Wrong with Fred KauserIf you’ve been listening to this show for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I talk a lot about realistic …2022/11/102022-11-10 04:00:48
A Lesson Learned with Kaci CorriganToday’s episode is going to be a little different. It’s a look back at a major learning event in a …2022/10/272022-10-27 04:00:08
When Your Station Assignment Leaves You Out in the Cold with Linda WillingNo matter how large—or small—your fire department may be, it has one house that’s just not as busy as the …2022/10/062022-10-06 04:00:15
To Be a Black Woman in Today’s Fire Service with Jennifer OsborneOn this show, we’re going to explore some of the unique experiences of a firefighter who is in the minority …2022/09/292022-09-29 08:30:36
You’re a New Company Officer – Now What? with Jacob JohnsonIf you’re about to promote to company officer, this show is for you. Most firefighters want to move up and …2022/09/222022-09-22 04:00:49
Addressing the “Ridiculous Gap” of Fire vs. EMS with Wes WardI started out today’s interview intending to talk about the conflict between fire officers and lower-ranked—but certified- paramedics. It wasn’t …2022/09/152022-09-15 04:00:01
“Five Floors Up” with Brian McDonaldUsually, I talk with a member of the fire service on this show, but today’s a bit different. Brian McDonald …2022/09/082022-09-08 04:00:21
The Care and Feeding of the News Media with Robert LeonardWhat do you think of your city’s news media? Maybe you think of reporters and photographers as an annoyance. Perhaps …2022/09/012022-09-01 04:00:41
Leading in a New Fire Service Environment with Sal Scarpa  If you’re thinking you’d like to try for a company officer or to move up to a chief officer …2022/08/252022-08-25 04:00:57
Situational Awareness Saves Lives with Richard GasawaySome people call it “auto-pilot.” It’s that ability to arrive at a scene and immediately go to work. That’s a …2022/08/112022-08-11 11:00:25
Learning from Dark Days with Chad CostaEvery firefighter can recall the worst incidents in his or her career—you know, the ones that made a serious impact …2022/08/042022-08-04 04:00:58
Bring back the rescue culture of firefighting with Daniel FolksI have a question for you today. Why did you become a firefighter? I know, you probably haven’t had to …2022/07/282022-07-28 04:00:58
When Engine Companies Must Do Truck Company Work with Justin BaileySmaller fire departments often work with less personnel than they need. That means there are very few specialists in a …2022/07/212022-07-21 04:00:56
Physical Conditioning for Firefighter-Athletes with Daniel HigueraFirefighters are athletes. You may be part of the culture that already knows and accepts this truth. But if this …2022/07/142022-07-14 04:00:48
Firefighting in the Wildland-Urban Interface with Clare FrankNow that the wildland fire season lasts pretty much all year long—and homes continue to be built further from city …2022/07/072022-07-07 04:00:16
Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect with Corley Moore (And notes on the Granite Mountain Hotshots)I have no idea how many times I have heard the old phrase, “Practice makes perfect.” Of course, nowadays, we …2022/06/302022-06-30 04:00:24
What MCI Incident Commanders Should Know with Vincent BettinazziThere have been several unfortunate mass-casualty incidents recently as the result of an active shooter. Although the public’s attention is …2022/06/162022-06-16 12:00:13
First-of-its-Kind Firefighter Aid Mission to Ukraine Successful | with Eric HilleA few weeks back, we talked with Eric Hille, a San Miguel, California firefighter about his plans to take a …2022/06/022022-06-02 12:00:51
A Career as a Sister in a Brotherhood with Cindie Schooner-BallA while back, firefighter Cindie Schooner-Ball started a blog where she wrote about her time as a “Sister in a …2022/05/052022-05-05 14:45:50
How to Prepare Officer Candidates (and Their Departments) with Paul WatlingtonThere’s a lot of advice floating around that explains what a firefighter needs to do to get promoted to an …2022/04/142022-04-14 04:00:25
Preparing Women for the Fire AcademyDepending on whom you ask, women make up roughly four to five percent of career firefighters. That’s why it’s still …2022/03/312022-03-31 04:05:40
California firefighter plans aid mission to Ukraine | Guest: Eric HilleA firefighter in San Diego County, California, has started Operation Joint Guardian, an effort to help the people of Ukraine. …2022/03/242022-03-24 04:00:25
Is This What You Signed Up For? with Bob HortonIf you’ve ever walked into a firehouse and heard someone say, “This isn’t what I signed up for,” or if …2022/03/172022-03-17 04:03:52
Mayday and the Aftermath with Steve ConnMarch 21, 2003. It was a normal evening for the crew of Colerain, Ohio Township’s Engine 26. The guys were …2022/03/102022-03-10 04:00:39
What happens to you if Qualified Immunity goes away? | Guest: Brad PinskyIf you’re a firefighter or medic, especially a volunteer, you’re able to do your job because the law grants you …2022/02/172022-02-17 04:00:35
Earning (and Saving Lives) While They’re Learning with David MattoxThere’s an unusual fire department in Fairbanks, Alaska. It’s called the University Fire Department. It serves the University of Alaska’s …2022/02/102022-02-10 04:00:38
VEIS – Is it still a good tactic? with Eric DreimanOnce upon a time, there was VES. Then, thanks to the FDNY, came VEIS-vent, enter, isolate, search. Problem is, while …2022/02/032022-02-03 04:05:42
When No One Else Wants to Train | Guest: Kevin WhitakerIf you want something done, sometimes the best solution is to do it yourself. That can apply to fire service …2022/01/132022-01-13 04:00:14
Code Zero: No Ambulances Available with Scott FreitagIf your department doesn’t operate its own ambulances, there’s a third-party operator transporting your patients. But what happens when that …2021/12/302021-12-30 04:00:36
Is Your Department Ready to Fight EV Fires? With Evan GammageToday, we’re talking electric vehicles. If you live in LA, like I do, you see them every day. Teslas are …2021/12/232021-12-23 04:00:42
343 Brothers Lost – Sept. 11, 2001 RememberedThis is a special double edition of Code 3. We take a look back at the terror attacks of September …2021/09/092021-09-09 04:00:19
Fighting Wildland Fire with Charles VaughtFighting wildland fires is very different than structure fires. For starters, wildland guys sleep on the ground for days at …2021/08/052021-08-05 04:00:44
Becoming a Company Officer with Tim CowanSitting in the right front seat of a rig means a lot more than giving orders on the fireground. In …2021/07/152021-07-15 10:47:24
Think Like an IC with Tom DunneJust about everyone in the fire service will—at some time—have the opportunity to be an Incident Commander, for a few …2021/07/012021-07-01 09:38:34
Why You Must Be EMS Trained with Mike WolfschmidtDoes your department require firefighters to be EMTs or Paramedics? It seems like most career departments do these days. What …2021/06/242021-06-24 04:00:01
The Freedom House Ambulance Service with Ben ThompsonToday, we’re talking EMS history. I’m embarrassed to admit I was unaware of this background until I heard it on …2021/06/102021-06-10 04:00:39
Managing Your Promotion with Ian EmmonsThere’s a lot of advice out there about how to get promoted. There’s a little less about what to do …2021/06/082021-06-08 18:21:33
When Your Volunteers Don’t Want To Be In The FDNY with Dan RogersMy guest on this show, Dan Rogers, created a firestorm online with his article, “’And that’s okay:’ Not all volunteers …2021/04/222021-04-22 04:00:28
What Fuel Are You Using in Your Burn Building? with Jack ReganWhen you set up your burn building, burn room, or burn trailer for training, what do you use for fuel? …2021/04/012021-04-01 01:00:34
Firefighting in the 21st Century with Stan TarnowskiJust about every firefighter enjoys reading about the experiences of other members of the brotherhood. That’s why books written by …2021/03/222021-03-22 01:00:09
Why Customer Service Matters with Chad CostaYour department has probably been described, at least informally, as an all-hazards department. That usually means things like water rescue, …2020/12/032020-12-03 01:00:31
When You Have to Operate Aerial Apparatus Alone with Ryan JohnstonIf you’re not a career firefighter in a major city, this is going to be a familiar topic. If you …2020/11/122020-11-12 01:00:15
Support for the Los Angeles Fire Department with Wade WhiteThis time, I’m doing something a little different. I’m helping out my friends up the road at the Los Angeles …2020/11/072020-11-07 11:55:31
What to Know When You Marry a Firefighter with Mike & Anne GaglianoIt’s not easy to be married to a firefighter. Whether you’re the wife or a husband of one, you know …2020/11/052020-11-05 01:00:37
Support for the LAFD with Wade WhiteThis time, I’m doing something a little different. It’s been a tough fire season here in southern California and it’s …2020/10/292020-10-29 01:00:24
ICs: Command is a perishable skill with Nick MartinHow would you grade your most recent Incident Commander’s performance? Solid or…timid? Solid is an IC who has been trained …2020/10/152020-10-15 01:00:22
Why Mentors, Not Drill Instructors, Need to Teach Today’s Probies with Jacob JohnsonThe way we used to train newbies, in lots of jobs, not just firefighting, could best be described as “tough …2020/10/082020-10-08 01:00:49
When Your Volunteer Firefighters Don’t Fight (Much) Fire with Joe MarucaRecruiting has become a real problem at many volunteer fire departments. But what’s worse is when you do get someone …2020/10/012020-10-01 01:00:00
Are Transitional Attacks Smarter Firefighting? with Nick SalamehI just had Pete Van Dorpe on the show, talking about his article from 2015 titled, “Mounting an Intelligent Interior …2020/09/242020-09-24 01:00:03
Put the Fire Out First with Peter van DorpeThere is always an on-going discussion about how aggressive firefighters should be at structure fires. Inevitably, the argument gets into …2020/09/172020-09-17 01:00:08
Reflections on Sept. 11, 2001 with Rick LaskyOn this, the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America, I am re-running a great interview with Fire Chief …2020/09/112020-09-11 17:31:59
Which Line for Which Fire? with Mark van der FeystHow do you select a handline when you arrive at a fire? Do you have an all-purpose go-to that usually …2020/09/032020-09-03 01:00:39
Funny Videos, Serious Messages with Jason PattonIf you spend any time on Facebook, you’ve probably seen the videos posted by Fire Department Chronicles. If you haven’t, …2020/08/202020-08-20 04:00:54
Learning from YouTube with Dave TraiforosYou may have heard this oldie-but-goodie already, but bear with me: A smart man learns from his mistakes. A really …2020/08/132020-08-13 04:00:39
What an EMS Liaison Knows with Roger DyjakThis show is a little different. We’re going to talk about prehospital care from the point of view of an …2020/08/062020-08-06 04:00:26
Justifying the Cost of Your Fire Department with Rich MarinucciOnce upon a time, there was a really cool video game called SimCity. The goal was for the player to …2020/07/302020-07-30 04:00:46
Core Values as a Real-World Standard with David BullardIt’s easy to become jaded or cynical when the fire department administration comes up with a new list of core …2020/07/232020-07-23 04:00:25
An Inconvenient Truth About Fires with Daniel ByrneSince 1977, firefighter line-of-duty-deaths have been dropping. You know that already, right? And structure fires as a whole are decreasing …2020/07/162020-07-16 04:00:29
Rural Firefighting: Minutes Make a Difference with Justin BaileyIf you’re a firefighter in a large metro department, you might find today’s topic a little unfamiliar. Because for firefighters …2020/07/022020-07-02 04:00:29
Don’t Believe Your Own PR with Ken HimelEverybody knows THAT guy. There’s one in every firehouse. He’s easy to spot. He knows and is happy to lecture …2020/06/252020-06-25 04:00:14
Water Always Wins with Curt IsaksonWith today’s rapid fire development, it’s more important than ever before to get water on the fire as fast as …2020/06/182020-06-18 04:00:46
Behind These Walls May Lurk Unexpected Danger with Jack MurphyHere’s some easy math for you. What percentage of your time is spent on the rig and available? Now what …2020/06/112020-06-11 04:00:02
Introducing the “True Fire” podcastToday, I am introducing a new podcast. Don’t worry, this one’s not going anywhere.The new show is called True Fire, …2020/06/102020-06-10 14:22:35
How To Be Aggressive Without Being Reckless with Duane DaggersI’ve noticed a lot of chatter on social media over the past months about the idea that fire departments aren’t …2020/06/042020-06-04 04:00:35
Train ’em and get out of their way with Kaci CorriganSometimes, we make things more difficult than we need to. We develop a course of training, then insist on monitoring …2020/05/282020-05-28 04:00:49
Firefighter PTSD: A Spouse’s Perspective with Lori MooreLast week, we talked with Chris Moore, a captain with the Chesapeake, Virginia Fire Department about his battle with PTSD. …2020/05/212020-05-21 04:00:12
To PTSD Hell and Back with Chris MooreTwenty years ago, it was a big no-no for a firefighter to admit to having anything like Post-Traumatic Stress. Of …2020/05/142020-05-14 04:00:41
This Volunteer Department’s Got It Figured Out with Ed Dolan and Shawn HeppnerHow would you define success in a volunteer department? Would it be recruiting and retention? Or how about solid leadership? …2020/05/072020-05-07 04:00:29
How to stop the job from taking over your life with Dr. Donnie HutchinsonWhat are your priorities in life? Most firefighters will typically answer this question by saying, “My family, my health, and …2020/04/302020-04-30 04:00:06
Using the radio the right way with Mark SzczepanikOne of the critical skills a firefighter needs is the ability to communicate concisely and completely over the radio. Some …2020/04/232020-04-23 04:00:38
Lines Off, Ladders Up with Ty WheelerEvery house goes on runs that the crew just knows is a false alarm. You know it, I know it, …2020/04/162020-04-16 04:00:52
FDNY at Ground Zero of COVID-19 with Danny SheridanBy now, as I record this show on April 6, 2020, most of this nation’s fire departments are now dealing …2020/04/092020-04-09 04:00:01
31 Seconds from Arrival to Water on the Fire with Jonathan HallPractically every study – not to mention common sense – says the fastest way to get a fire out is …2020/02/132020-02-13 04:00:31
TIC Tips and Tricks with Manfred KihnBy now, it seems like just about every fire department has at least one thermal imaging camera. They’ve become a …2020/02/102020-02-10 04:00:37
Truck Ops Whether You Have a Truck or Not with Sean EagenTruck company operations are an important part of fireground operations, even when you don’t have a dedicated truck company available. …2020/02/062020-02-06 04:00:36
The Ultimate Mutual Aid: US Firefighters in Australia with Rick YoungThe ultimate in mutual aid has got to be the assist Australians are getting from US firefighters. These are wildland …2020/02/032020-02-03 04:00:40
The Only Constant is Change with Daniel ShoffnerThe two things firefighters hate the most are change – and the way things are now. You’ve heard that quote …2020/01/302020-01-30 04:00:41
PTSD Cost Her a Career… and Almost Her Life with Christy WarrenFirefighters are well aware of the pain of PTSD. They’re also often familiar with the stigma that comes with it. …2020/01/272020-01-27 04:00:28
Social Media for PIOs with Rob ReardonBy now, most departments have adopted social media in some form. Here in LA, Twitter is a great resource to …2020/01/232020-01-23 04:00:55
Talk to Your Patients (Don’t Interrogate Them!) with Tim NowakWhen you get on scene of a medical emergency, do you talk with the patient? Sure you do. In fact, …2020/01/202020-01-20 04:00:03
Surviving More Than Flames with Todd LeDucFirefighting has always been about survival. But now, we are recognizing that fire isn’t the only danger. Whether it’s occupational …2020/01/162020-01-16 04:00:10
Addressing Unconscious Racial Bias in EMS with Jamie KennelThis edition of Code 3 may make you a little uncomfortable. It’s about racial bias among EMS providers. And while …2020/01/132020-01-13 04:00:11
Firefighter Training Using Virtual Reality Goggles with Rick ClarkeOkay, here’s an idea that’s guaranteed to divide opinions: The Cosumnes Fire District, near Sacramento, California,  is using virtual reality …2020/01/092020-01-09 04:00:41
When Firefighters Ride Ambulances with Ben ThompsonWhen your department requires you to be a paramedic as well as a firefighter, that can lead to conflicts. In …2020/01/062020-01-06 04:00:56
Firemen, Even if They’re Women with Alexis ShadyAfter many years of being called “firefighters”, there is a small but persistent group pushing back. They want to be …2020/01/022020-01-02 04:00:22
Goodbye (and Good Riddance) to the 2010s with Greg FrieseIf you’re listening to this edition of Code 3, congratulations! You made it through the 2010s. It was a turbulent …2019/12/302019-12-30 04:00:54
What Firefighters Need to Know About Rope Rescue Operations with Dale StewartYou may be a TRT specialist in your department. Or you might be a novice. Either way, you’ve probably realized …2019/12/192019-12-19 04:00:20
Finding Solutions to TRT Training Roadblocks with Dalan ZartmanTechnical rescues are high-risk/low-frequency incidents, and that means training on them is critical. One slip, and you could have a …2019/12/162019-12-16 04:00:34
What Officers Need to Know About Crew Emotional Trauma with Jared MeekerOne of the most important roles of a leader is to take care of their crew. That means if you’re …2019/12/122019-12-12 04:00:32
Focusing Training Efforts on ‘Bread-and-Butter’ Operations with Stephen RhineIf you’ve listened to this show for any length of time, you know realistic training scenarios … and sometimes the …2019/12/092019-12-09 04:00:57
Do firefighters with skills but no degree have less worth? with Chad CostaIf you’ve been in the fire service long enough, you probably remember when firefighters with a trade skill were highly …2019/12/052019-12-05 04:00:37
Know Your Pump Panel with Paul WatlingtonAre you an engineer? Or maybe a chauffer? Or perhaps an MPO? Regardless of the name, if you operate the …2019/11/252019-11-25 03:00:54
The Beginner’s Mindset and Why You Need It with George McNeilLet’s talk Zen Buddism. Do you know the term Shoshin? It’s the Japanese word for a beginner’s mind. A verse …2019/11/212019-11-21 03:00:58
How to Develop Command Presence with Tom MerrillLet’s say you’re a new officer. You want your crew to follow you, right? Now how do you get them …2019/11/182019-11-18 13:30:39
The Accidental Comedian with Travis HowzeThis is the story of how Travis Howze, survivor of the Charleston Nine disaster in 2007, developed PTSD and ended …2019/11/112019-11-11 06:20:17
Don’t Communicate Like the Military with Brian SchaefferFor just about as long as anyone can remember, the fire service has operated in a pseudo-military style. Members have …2019/11/072019-11-07 03:00:48
Training on the Denver Drill with Tony CarrollToday, we’re talking about the Denver Drill. It’s well-known, but just in case you need a brush-up, here it is: …2019/11/042019-11-04 03:00:22
Should You Use Tactical Worksheets for EMS? with Bruce EvansToday, we’re talking tactical worksheets for EMS.  This is more important than it may sound. A tactical worksheet is nothing …2019/10/032019-10-03 06:00:01
In Memory of Bryan Fass with Greg FrieseThe Fire-EMS community lost a vital member this week. Bryan Fass passed away suddenly on Monday. He was just 46. …2019/09/192019-09-19 06:00:12
Preventing Assaults on EMS Personnel with Ernesto RodriguezThere was a time when you were universally viewed as friends of the community. You were welcomed because people realized …2019/09/162019-09-16 06:00:28
Looking Back at Sept. 11, 2001 with Rick LaskyOn September 11, 2001 our world changed. America was the subject of deadly terror attacks with commercial airplanes as the …2019/09/112019-09-11 06:00:28
Making the Fire Cause Investigator’s Job Easier with Rick ChaseOne of the aspects of firefighting that we don’t often discuss is the role of the fire-cause investigator. Once a …2019/09/052019-09-05 06:00:50
Making Volunteer Firefighting Fun Again with Jack KlineWe have discussed several times on this show the sad – and potentially disastrous –story of the declining numbers of …2019/09/022019-09-02 06:00:29
How to Train New Generations to Fight Fire with Chris GarniewiczIf you conduct training for firefighters, your teaching may be out-of-date. Now, you’re probably thinking, “That’s bull. I know how …2019/08/292019-08-29 06:00:51
How to be a New Fire Chief with Al Yancey, Jr.If you’ve wondered what it would be like to be a newly-minted Fire Chief – it could be a turbulent …2019/08/262019-08-26 06:00:13
Fireground Excellence is Only Half the Battle with Adam NeffThe late Vince Lombardi, famous Green Bay Packers coach, was known for his inspirational quotes. That’s because they were not …2019/08/222019-08-22 06:00:11
Stretching a Line: Start Right to Finish Strong with John LightlyThere’s a certain mindset that says it doesn’t matter how you start, as long as you finish strong. That’s not …2019/08/192019-08-19 06:00:06
When You’re First-In at a Trench Rescue with Michael DaleyLook around construction sites and you’re likely to see a lot of trenches. If there’s an underground line of any …2019/08/082019-08-08 06:00:58
Should Fire Engines Really Be Red? with Dr. Stephen SolomonWhat color is a fire engine? Well, if you’re a fan of traditional fire helmets, then I assume you’d prefer …2019/08/052019-08-05 06:00:35
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How to Ace an Oral Interview with Mark RossiIf you’re working toward becoming a firefighter, or you’re trying to get promoted, one of the scariest phrases to you …2019/07/292019-07-29 06:00:00
“Respectful Entry” with John ButtrickI’ll bet you use salvage covers when you can. Why not? If you’re going to protect property, you can do …2019/07/252019-07-25 06:00:57
Tips for Fighting Fires in the Wildland-Urban Interface with Tom AurnhammerOn this show, we’re going to dive into some more detail for structural firefighters who find themselves working in the …2019/07/222019-07-22 06:00:01
Fully-Involved Leadership with Gary LudwigThere are lots of books about management styles available, but for my money, the ones written by firefighters are the …2019/07/182019-07-18 06:00:58
Are You Ready for Firefighting in the WUI? with Brian FennessyIf you’re a structural firefighter, you’d probably rather not deal with wildland fires at all. That’s normally not really a …2019/07/152019-07-15 06:00:37
Finding Resources for Better Training with Jason CaugheyTraining is critical to performance, especially these days, when there are fewer real-world fires but the ones that do ignite …2019/07/112019-07-11 06:00:42
What Qualifies a Volunteer to be a Chief Officer? with Ed DolanWhat qualifies someone to be a battalion chief? If they’re in a career department, it’s pretty clear. They need a …2019/07/082019-07-08 06:00:01
A Firefighter’s Life is the Same Everywhere with Ulrich KoellnerI received an email here at Code 3 a few days ago. It was full of comments about the show, …2019/07/042019-07-04 06:00:19
Are You Really Cut Out to be a Company Officer? with Kelly LemmonsLet’s say you wanted to become a company officer. In your interview, you probably told them it was because you …2019/07/012019-07-01 06:00:35
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Admitting There’s a Problem with Volunteer Departments with Billy GoldfederVolunteer firefighters make up most U.S. departments, by far. Yet the state of volunteer firefighting is in serious trouble. The …2019/06/272019-06-27 06:00:24
Flowing While Advancing with Jonathan BrumleyThe topic for this episode is flowing water while advancing the line. Some departments always do it. Some don’t. There’s …2019/06/242019-06-24 06:00:56
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A Female USFS Firefighter’s Story of Harassment with Abby BoltBattalion Chief Abby Bolt was a 22-year veteran firefighter in the US Forest Service. She quit last month, posting a …2019/05/232019-05-23 06:00:33
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When Firefighters Visit Therapists with Courtney StewartBy now, you’ve heard over and over about the value of professional counseling. But, I know, you’re probably still skeptical. …2019/05/132019-05-13 06:00:40
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Lost in a Structure Fire with Alex DavisHave you ever become lost in a burning structure? It‘ll cause a pretty severe pucker factor, as my Air Force …2019/05/022019-05-02 06:00:47
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“Live Rescue” Review with Scott OrrThis week was the premiere of A&E’s Live Rescue show. And this week, I’m reviewing it. Maybe I can help …2019/04/252019-04-25 06:00:38
When You Can’t Save Them with John LightlyIf you haven’t yet had the experience of having a victim of a structure fire die, all I can say …2019/04/222019-04-22 06:00:27
FDIC 2019 Wrap-Up with Bobby HaltonFDIC 2019 is in the books, and a lot of you were there this time. The conference was first held …2019/04/182019-04-18 06:00:35
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Stopping Re-Kindles with Nick MartinRe-kindles are every firefighter’s nightmare. When I was a reporter, PIOs would go to great lengths to get me not …2019/04/082019-04-08 06:00:34
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Networking for the Future Firefighter with Dave McGlynnIf you’re trying to join the fire service, raise your hand. Wow, that’s a lot of you. There are some …2019/03/252019-03-25 06:00:56
RIT Team Readiness with Keith PadgettThe RIT team has an important role at a fire scene. I say this not as Captain Obvious, but because …2019/03/212019-03-21 06:00:01
In-Air Standby for HEMS with Joseph UridilFor a couple of months now, air ambulance operator Air Methods, of Greenwood Village, Colorado, has had a new response …2019/03/182019-03-18 06:00:02
Life and Death Matters with Samuel and Christian AdamsToday’s fire departments ask more of their members than they used to. You’re now required to be at least an …2019/03/142019-03-14 06:00:28
Active shooter response and prevention: Your FD’s role with Alan BerkowskyWith active shooter situations on the rise, there’s been more concern about how schools should deal with them. Communities around …2019/03/112019-03-11 06:00:12
Six Tips for Newly Promoted Officers with Rom DuckworthJust about everyone wants to be promoted. More pay, maybe a different shift, and more authority to make things happen. …2019/03/072019-03-07 06:00:05
EMS Feud: Fire vs. Ambulance with Scott Freitag and Glenn KasprzykThis show is a little different than most. We’re going to take a look at a feud going on in …2019/03/042019-03-04 06:00:54
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Where and When to Stretch Dry with Anthony AvilloOur topic on this episode is stretching a dry line. Way back in Firefighting 101, they taught where to do …2019/02/212019-02-21 06:00:51
The Clean-Cab Controversy with David Lujan and Keith CollinsThe Bernalillo County Fire Department in New Mexico is trying a new idea to cut down on job-related cancer. The …2019/02/182019-02-18 06:00:01
Busting the Myths About Firefighter Suicides with Dena AliIt may surprise you to learn that PTSD is not the major factor in most firefighter suicides. We can thank …2019/02/142019-02-14 06:00:17
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How (and Why) to be a Great PIO with P.J. Norwood and Sean GrayOn this episode, we talk about a role in the fire department that’s near to my heart: The PIO. The …2019/02/072019-02-07 06:00:54
Never Off-Duty? What Happens When You See an Emergency with Michael FraleyHave you ever been off-duty driving somewhere and come upon a crash scene? What should you do? What gear do …2019/02/042019-02-04 06:00:21
The Vigilant Creed with Corley MooreWe’ve talked a lot about upholding fire service standards on this show. On this episode, we discuss a voluntary oath, if …2019/01/312019-01-31 06:00:35
“The Evolving Fireground: Research-Based Tactics” with P.J. Norwood and Sean GrayAs times change and research becomes more accurate, we learn more about fire behavior. And the more we learn, the …2019/01/282019-01-28 06:00:31
How to Choose the Right Ground Ladder in a Hurry with Greg JakubowskiHere’s a scenario: It’s a working fire at an apartment building. Flames are showing at several windows on the first …2019/01/242019-01-24 06:00:44
Your Pocket Guide to Saving Your Career with Stan TarnowskiI love instructions on how to do stuff. That’s why today’s show is about how to be a firefighter. Not …2019/01/212019-01-21 06:00:27
Narcan: Is it necessary? with Dr. Bryan BledsoeNarcan (Naloxone) has been pitched as the single best way to deal with opioid overdoses. And while it does work, …2019/01/172019-01-17 06:00:29
Yoga for Firefighters? with Shannon McQuaideHere’s an idea: Yoga for firefighters. Wait — don’t skip this episode yet! You owe it to yourself to hear …2019/01/142019-01-14 06:00:50
Being the Senior Man with Casey ClinkscalesThe most powerful position in the firehouse is likely not the Captain. You know who I’m talking about: the Senior …2019/01/102019-01-10 06:00:32
You’ll Fight Like You Train with Robby OwensTraining is the key to knowing how to fight fires, especially when your department doesn’t respond to frequent real-world structure …2019/01/072019-01-07 06:00:49
Minimizing Risks and Making Choices with David Cain  Let’s talk safety. Or, rather, let’s talk risk, because we know firefighting isn’t safe. Risks are all about choices. …2019/01/032019-01-03 06:00:04
Why Don’t People Fear Fire? with Ray Reynolds  It’s been over 70 years since President Harry S Truman issued the first Presidential Report that told citizens how …2018/12/272018-12-27 08:00:18
Fitness: Don’t Just Say It, Do it! with Dan Kerrigan  A few years back, in 2015, the NFPA said that just 27 percent of fire departments had a basic …2018/12/202018-12-20 06:00:30
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Undoing Our Own Efforts at Hiring Diversity with Trisha Wolford  Are you tired of hearing about diversity in the fire service yet?I’m going to assume you are. The question …2018/12/132018-12-13 06:00:26
What’s a Firefighter Worth? with Keith Collins  What’s a firefighter worth to the community? Now, what’s a professional athlete worth? There’s no doubt that pro sports …2018/12/102018-12-10 06:00:44
Seven Unwritten Rules of EMS with Gary Ludwig  Just about everyone knows that there are the official rules in EMS – and then there are the unwritten …2018/12/062018-12-06 05:56:31
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Why Transitional Attacks are Like a Bunt with Ray McCormack  The transitional attack. Some firefighters swear by it, some swear at it. The NFPA says it’s a way to …2018/11/292018-11-29 06:00:08
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If You Become Addicted to Pain Meds … with Mark Lamplugh, Jr.If you’re injured on the job, you’ll likely be prescribed an opioid pain medication. They’re a double -edged sword: it …2018/11/152018-11-15 04:00:53
A Probie’s Guide to Surviving the Firehouse with Mauro PorcelliIf you’re a probie or you want to be, listen up. Today’s guest, Mauro Porcelli, has written a new book …2018/11/122018-11-12 06:00:12
Five Health Habits to Prolong Your Career (and Life) with Aaron ZamzowHabits can improve your health…and bad ones can screw it up. That’s why building healthy habits is so important for …2018/11/082018-11-08 06:00:37
How to Get Quicker Knockdowns with Paul ShapiroHow fast do you get a knockdown on most fires? Our guest on this episode says you should see the …2018/11/052018-11-05 06:00:24
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Using Riding Assignments with Chad MenardEngine company riding assignments are the key to a ready arrival at a scene. They eliminate confusion. But some departments …2018/10/292018-10-29 06:00:23
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Hoarder House Danger with Ryan PenningtonMost firefighters’ least favorite type of house fire is a hoarder house. They’re tough to navigate, have lots of fuel, …2018/10/222018-10-22 06:00:13
Don’t Shortcut Your Training with Benjamin MartinWhen you did your early training, did you make a lot of mistakes? If so, you likely learned more from …2018/10/182018-10-18 06:00:15
Get Off the Roof with Mark CotterWith more and more firefighters being injured as they work to ventilate roofs during a structure fire, we need to …2018/10/142018-10-14 06:07:43
Dealing with PTSD and Clinical Depression with Todd DonovanIf you or someone you know had a broken arm, you’d want it treated right away. Well, PTSD or clinical …2018/10/112018-10-11 06:00:29
Engine Company Pride with Jarrod SergiSometimes it seems that engine companies don’t always get the respect they deserve. It may be rescue squad crews or …2018/10/082018-10-08 06:00:43
How Firefighter Culture Affects Safety with J. Travis CarricatoOn this episode, we’re taking a look at the culture of your fire department. We’ve been talking over the past …2018/10/042018-10-04 06:24:38
The “Emergency!” Attitude with Mike RubinIf you’re of a certain age, you were probably strongly influenced to become a firefighter-paramedic by a couple of guys …2018/10/012018-10-01 06:00:43
How to Make Good Decisions on the Fly with Nick SalamehIf you’re a company officer or a command-level officer, you know the job is all about decision-making. The trick, of …2018/09/272018-09-27 06:00:56
How to be the New Guy with Tom ReddenWe’ve talked several times on this show about working with younger firefighters. But we haven’t heard their viewpoint. That’s what …2018/09/242018-09-24 06:00:16
Primary Search Techniques with Paul MastronardiHow do you conduct a primary search? It’s one of the most critical actions a firefighter can undertake at a …2018/09/202018-09-20 05:00:58
Where Are All the Women? with Cheryl HorvathThe number of women who have joined the ranks of firefighters is still hovering at around five percent. This is …2018/09/172018-09-17 06:00:07
In Praise of the Grinders with TJ WardAre you a grinder? Do you go above and beyond, not for the praise, but because it’s necessary? TJ Ward …2018/09/132018-09-13 06:00:02
Own It! with Andrew SauderWhen you think of ownership, what comes to mind? Well, there’s Rick Lasky’s book, “Pride and Ownership.” That’s what we’re …2018/09/102018-09-10 06:00:12
Designing the Ultimate Fire Engine with Ricky RileyWhat if you had unlimited funds to design and build the ultimate fire engine for your department? Yours would undoubtedly …2018/09/062018-09-06 06:00:40
Wood Construction Can Kill You with Mark van der FeystWe all know we’re facing fewer structure fires these days … but the ones that do ignite are more dangerous …2018/09/032018-09-03 06:00:56
Lessons Learned from the Charleston 9 LODD incident with Dr. David GriffinOn this show, we discuss a major line-of-duty-death incident: the loss of the Charleston Nine. It happened on the evening …2018/08/302018-08-30 06:00:43
Why You Should Be Doing Oriented Searches with Chris DelBelloHow do you conduct a primary search? I’ll bet you do it by having the whole search crew follow the …2018/08/272018-08-27 06:00:18
Getting Others to Meet Your Expectations with Dr. Liane DaveyOn this show, we’re going to talk about team-building from a different point of view. How do you get your …2018/08/232018-08-23 06:00:16
Sister in a Brotherhood with Cindie Schooner-BallWe call it the Brotherhood. It’s been the basis of the fire service since … well, forever. But of course, …2018/08/202018-08-20 06:00:33
Anatomy of a Confined Space Rescue with Mike DaleyOn this episode, we take a look at a confined space rescue and dissect it. It happened in 2014 at …2018/08/162018-08-16 06:00:31
When to Fly a Patient with Cory Moser and Joseph UridilWhen do you request a medical helicopter to a scene? Most captains and battalion chiefs will err on the side …2018/08/132018-08-13 06:00:08
Old-School Attitude with Chris TobinIf you spend any time on Twitter, you’ve likely seen the tweets from Chris Tobin. He’s a firefighter from St. …2018/08/092018-08-09 06:00:00
Paying for Community Paramedicine with Gary LudwigWe’ve discussed community paramedicine programs on this show in the past. They hold the potential to take a load of …2018/08/062018-08-06 06:00:33
The Dispatcher Shortage with Barry FureyDispatchers are the key to our emergency system. But you know that. It’s a more than a little concerning, though, …2018/08/022018-08-02 06:00:55
When to Teach with Randall HanifenFirefighters are unique in a way you may not have thought much about: You love to impart knowledge on younger …2018/07/302018-07-30 06:00:04
Safety at Crash Scenes with Jack SullivanYour department likely doesn’t respond to as many fires as it used to. Maybe you do a lot of medical …2018/07/262018-07-26 06:00:15
Developing a Community Paramedicine Program with Porter WelchThe trend toward community paramedicine, a/k/a, mobile integrated healthcare, is growing nationwide. That’s good news, from the point of view …2018/07/232018-07-23 06:00:03
Meet the Future of the Fire Service: iGen with Linda WillingWe’ve talked about Milllenials on this show before, and how they learn and work in today’s fire service. But they …2018/07/192018-07-19 05:45:16
Budget Realities with Brad DavisonBudgets are a lot like the weather. To adapt a famous quote, everybody talks about them, but no one does …2018/07/162018-07-16 06:00:36
The Drew Hughes Story and the Do It for Drew FoundationOn this show, we discuss the tragic case of Drew Hughes, a North Carolina boy who died much too young. …2018/07/122018-07-12 06:00:16
Our 100th episodeIt’s been fun so far! Back in March, 2017, I started this podcast because I wanted to do something to …2018/07/092018-07-09 06:00:18
Bullying and Harassment in the Firehouse with I. David DanielsThe topic of bullying in the fire service does not come up very often. But it happens. The Nicole Mittendorff …2018/07/052018-07-05 06:00:03
From L.A. to Wyoming with Kevin GrangeFire and EMS are challenging enough in a city, where there are resources available. But in rural areas, they’re even …2018/07/022018-07-02 06:00:12
Special Report: Remembering the Granite Mountain HotshotsOn June 30, 2013, the 20-man Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew was dispatched to respond from its base at Prescott …2018/06/292018-06-29 11:58:11
Re-thinking Rehab with Tim NowackA major fire requires a major rehab effort. A couple of bottles of water and some shade from a rig …2018/06/282018-06-28 06:00:19
Running to Remember the Granite Mtn. Hotshots with “Fireman Joe” ZambranoIt has now been five years since 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were killed fighting the Yarnell Hill …2018/06/252018-06-25 06:00:58
Looking at the NFPA’s 2017 LODD report with Marc BashoorOn June 11, 2018 the NFPA released its annual U.S. Firefighter Fatalities report. It showed a total of 60 U.S. firefighter …2018/06/222018-06-22 06:00:57
Understanding NFPA 3000 with John MontesDid you know … the US has five percent of the world’s population, but accounts for 31 percent of all …2018/06/212018-06-21 06:00:47
Watch What You Eat! with Dr. Susie DayFirefighters seem to be pretty healthy people. After all, you work out a lot, right? But what do you eat? …2018/06/182018-06-18 06:00:39
A Cautionary Tale with Dennis RubinIn this show, we break down a fire that nearly cost two firefighters their lives. They ended up with serious …2018/06/142018-06-14 06:00:56
Tips to be a Better Incident Commander with Jason HoevelmannIf you’re an incident commander, you probably have your own style, so to speak. Maybe it works for you. Maybe …2018/06/112018-06-11 06:00:31
Are You Afraid to be Alone With Your Thoughts? with Jada HudsonLots of firefighters are workaholics. Not that they’d use the word to describe themselves. You’re just busy, right? Now let’s …2018/06/072018-06-07 06:00:39
Learning SLAB SAVERS with Jesse QuinaltyFirefighters have a love-hate relationship with acronyms. There’s SLICE-RS, RECEO, and REVAS.  In fact, Firehouse magazine once published a list …2018/06/042018-06-04 06:00:42
What Burn Buildings Can Teach – And What They Can’t with David RhodesOn this episode, we’re talking burn buildings. Probably, the best simulated fires come from actual homes. If they’re abandoned or …2018/05/312018-05-31 06:00:17
Ballistic Vests for Firefighters with Kane NixonOne of the unfortunate realities faced these days is the fact that firefighters now need forms of body armor for …2018/05/282018-05-28 06:00:52
Better Than “First, Do No Harm” with Mike RubinWhen you’re on a medical call, does the Prime Directive ever enter your mind? We’re not talking Star Trek. We …2018/05/242018-05-24 06:00:16
Interagency Cooperation at Tactical Situations with Jim MorrisseyActive-shooter situations seem to be happening more and more frequently. That means fire departments need to develop a good working …2018/05/212018-05-21 06:00:15
What to Do if You’re Passed Over for Promotion with Matt TobiaAs you began your firefighting career, all you had to do to promote was get a high enough test score. …2018/05/172018-05-17 06:00:40
Using a Deck Gun on a House Fire with Paul ShapiroWhen you get to a fire scene, what size line do you most often pull? If you said an inch …2018/05/142018-05-14 06:00:42
What Firefighters Know with Michael MorseWhat do you tell people when they ask about your job? Most firefighters will hit the high points, talking about …2018/05/102018-05-10 06:00:21
Preventing Emergencies: Project Mayday with Don AbbottAbout the scariest thing a firefighter can hear over the radio is a mayday call. It sends chills down our …2018/05/072018-05-07 06:00:27
Attacked on a Run with Ben VernonWhen Ben Vernon, a San Diego firefighter/paramedic, responded to a call for an intoxicated male on June 24, 2015, he …2018/05/032018-05-03 06:00:03
Ideas for Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers with Candice McDonaldSometimes, it seems like people just don’t have the time to be a volunteer firefighter anymore. It’s getting harder to …2018/04/302018-04-30 06:00:25
What You Need to Know About High-Rise Firefighting with Mike TerpakHigh-rise firefighting is a lot of work and can be dangerous in different ways. It’s important for you know as …2018/04/262018-04-26 06:00:12
Is a 270-Degree Recon Enough? with Brian ButlerGo to enough conferences or read enough magazine articles and you’ll start to feel shamed if you don’t do a …2018/04/232018-04-23 06:00:28
Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle safety with Jennifer HamiltonThere are a lot of cars on the road today that—just a few years ago – would have been considered …2018/04/192018-04-19 06:00:22
Avoiding “No Way Out” Situations with John CagnoThe difference between a “Mayday” situation and a “No Way Out” situation, says John Cagno, is that the former is …2018/04/162018-04-16 06:00:01
Five Rules for Firehouse Leadership with John M. Buckman IIIThere’s been lot said and written about leadership in the fire service, and some of it is pretty detailed. Great …2018/04/122018-04-12 06:00:01
Finishing the Arizona Fallen Firefighter and Paramedics’ Memorial with Rick DeGrawLots of cities around the country have memorials to fallen firefighters, but I’m partial to the Arizona Fallen Firefighter  Memorial, …2018/04/092018-04-09 05:00:27
Stopping Confirmation Bias with Brian SchaefferIs there a typical fire? Probably not. But there is a most-common fire: single-family residential fires add up to about …2018/04/052018-04-05 06:00:30
How to Visit Firehouses with Justin SchorrIf you’re like most firefighters, when you go on vacation, you like to stop by firehouses and say hello, check …2018/04/022018-04-02 06:00:19
Ending the Firefighter Suicide Crisis with Dena AliIt’s not well-known outside the fire service, but there’s a suicide crisis among firefighters. We’re now to the point that …2018/03/292018-03-29 06:00:26
Eat Like Your Ancestors with Nick HolderbaumIf you have the feeling that what you eat may be slowing you down, our guest on this show may …2018/03/262018-03-26 06:00:35
Better Firefighter Career Planning with Billy D. HayesIf you want a successful career in the fire service, you need to be prepared to do more than just …2018/03/222018-03-22 06:00:45
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Fentanyl Advisory Issued[spreaker type=player resource=”episode_id=13375970″ width=”100%” height=”200px” theme=”light” playlist=”false” playlist-continuous=”false” autoplay=”false” live-autoplay=”false” chapters-image=”true” hide-logo=”true” hide-likes=”false” hide-comments=”false” hide-sharing=”false” ] With the federal government …2017/11/102017-11-10 13:24:04
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