The Fire Officer’s Guide to Occupational Safety & Health with Ron Kanterman

How safe are you as a firefighter?

Do you don all your gear before you make entry, or do you take a risk, thinking you may save someone else?

What about something as simple as wearing your seatbelt?

I know there’s a certain faction of firefighters who long for the days of riding the tailboard. These are the guys who say it’s possible to be too safe. But if you want to make sure you go home and have a longer career, safety is the one key element.

That’s why my guest today authored a comprehensive book on how to be safe and build a safety program.

It’s titled “Fire Officer’s Guide to Occupational Safety & Health.”

It’s written by Chief Ronald Kanterman of the Wilton, Connecticut fire department.  Ron has 40 years of service, having been both a volunteer and career firefighter. He’s worked for the FDNY, as well as a Fortune 500 company’s emergency services division. Ron’s written books and dozens of articles and been on staff at FDIC.