Training on the Denver Drill with Tony Carroll

Today, we’re talking about the Denver Drill.

It’s well-known, but just in case you need a brush-up, here it is:

In 1992, Denver, Colorado firefighter Mark Langvardt was on the second floor of a commercial building on fire. He was doing a search but became separated from his partner. He couldn’t find his way out and ended up trying to escape through a window.

But the space he had to work in was small and the window sill was high. Even though he was located and crews tried to get him out, it took nearly an hour to extricate him.

Mark Langvardt died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Since then, tactics to rescue firefighters from similar situations have been developed.

Here to explain the Denver Drill and why it is important today is Tony Carroll.

He is a battalion chief with the District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department.

Tony’s article: The Denver Drill