What’s a Firefighter Worth? with Keith Collins


What’s a firefighter worth to the community?

Now, what’s a professional athlete worth?

There’s no doubt that pro sports generates a lot of revenue for a city, not to mention intangible benefits.

But my guest today has crunched the numbers, and found that pro athletes – despite their millions of dollars in salaries – don’t come close to the fiscal value provided by firefighters.

That does not count lives saved, which can’t have a monetary value attached.

Here to discuss the value of a firefighter versus the salary paid to them is Keith Collins.

Keith has more than 14 years in the fire service,including military service, and is currently working as a firefighter in Fort Huachuca, Arizona.  

He wrote a paper on this topic, and Keith Collins joins me on this show.

Keith’s report: What is the value of a firefighter?

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