Firefighters and Community Service with Daniel Byrne

You probably go out on runs (more like walks) to change smoke alarm batteries, but our guest on this show says fire departments can do so much more to serve their communities.

Daniel Byrne is a big advocate of taking advantage of the goodwill the public has for the fire service and using it to give back to various causes and organizations.

No, it’s not in the official description of the department, but, he says, it pays dividends to make the effort.

Daniel is a Lieutenant  for the Burton Fire District in Beaufort County, SC as well as a Community Support Officer, and an Assistant Chief of Training for the Georgia Air National Guard 165th Fire Department.

He’s a third-generation firefighter, and has been a presenter and speaker at conferences.

Here’s one of his columns on making a difference.

And his column titled, “The Community Kitchen  Table

Here’s a video on the Jacob Kit Dan mentioned in the interview: