Code Zero: No Ambulances Available with Scott Freitag

If your department doesn’t operate its own ambulances, there’s a third-party operator transporting your patients.

But what happens when that company doesn’t meet your standards for response time?

It can become a real problem, our guest today says. And it isn’t always easy to solve.

Fire Chief Scott Freitag has been on Code 3 a couple of times before. He heads up the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, or CAFMA.

Chief Freitag has been pushing his local ambulance provider to improve their resources. But he’s met resistance, so he has started running his own borrowed ambulances—which, by law, are called “Rescues” in Arizona.

He’s trying to get the state’s okay to do it officially, and the story behind the situation is interesting.

You may also find it frustrating.

CAFMA’s web page explaining the problem

CAFMA’s Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

An episode of their podcast, CAFMA Connect, covering the topic.

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