Command Post Placement and Distractions with Robby Bergerson

Incident commanders, here are some questions for you:

How much thought do you put into where you set up your command post?

Is it usually on the alpha side of a structure? Why is that? Routine? Street access?

How much of the fireground and structure can you see from there?

What about distractions?  For example, noise. That can not only give you a headache but also make you miss an urgent radio call, right?

My guest on this edition of Code 3 has been considering questions like this for a while. He has suggestions for things to think about the next time you pull up to the fireground and before you drop that tailgate.

Robby Bergerson is the executive deputy chief of the Waco, Texas Fire Department. He’s got three decades in the fire service, having served in every rank and supervising every division. He’s also a credentialed Chief Fire Officer through CPSE.


Robby’s article: What You See Depends on Where You Sit

Article (with video): How to determine the best location for your command post 

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