When Your Station Assignment Leaves You Out in the Cold with Linda Willing

No matter how large—or small—your fire department may be, it has one house that’s just not as busy as the others. Sometimes, that house is really slow. And it may feel like you’re missing all the action if you’re assigned to it.

If you’re new to your fire service career, you may wonder if you’ll ever go on a structure fire run.

If you’re an officer, you might worry that your career is stalled.

But there are some things to consider before you decide that it’s hopeless.

My guest today says being assigned to that station can be like “being sent to Siberia.”

Linda Willing has been on Code 3 before. She’s a retired career fire officer. Her company, RealWorld Training and Consulting works with emergency service agencies. She is also an adjunct instructor and curriculum advisor for the National Fire Academy, and has written a book, titled On the Line: Women Firefighters Tell Their Stories.


Linda’s article: Surviving fire station ‘Siberia’: 2 keys to thriving at your department’s quiet station