Which Line for Which Fire? with Mark van der Feyst

How do you select a handline when you arrive at a fire?

Do you have an all-purpose go-to that usually gets pulled?

Some departments routinely pull the reel line. You know, the booster line? Or so I’ve heard.

Of course, if you choose the wrong one there’s rarely a chance to correct the mistake.

Using a line that’s too small will make a quick knockdown into a major hassle.

But you also don’t want to have to lug a 2-1/2 around the fireground if it’s not necessary.

Here to give us some ideas on hose selection is Mark van der Feyst. Mark’s been a guest before on Code 3.

He’s been on the job since 1998. He works for the Woodstock Fire Department in Ontario, Canada. He is an international instructor who teaches in Canada, the U.S.and India. And he’s the lead author of the book “Residential Fire Rescue” (see below).

He’s also president of Firestar Services, a training company.

Mark’s article: How to select the right-size hose for fire attack