Why You Should Be Doing Oriented Searches with Chris DelBello

How do you conduct a primary search?

I’ll bet you do it by having the whole search crew follow the walls, staying in a line, right?

Doesn’t that seem a little slow and even wasteful?

If you have a 3-man crew, shouldn’t they be able to cover the room faster? My guest today says yes, and he says the oriented search is the way to do it.

Chris DelBello is a third-generation firefighter and a 30-year veteran of the fire service. He’s got 20 years with the Houston Fire Department.

He’s a senior captain, and a district training officer.

Chris is also a partner in Houston’s Midtown Mayhem training firm.

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Trivia question:
Name the four methods of aggressive interior attack.

The four methods of aggressive interior attack are combination, direct, indirect, and modified direct.