Reasons NOT to become a firefighter with Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski

People join the fire service for all kinds of reasons. Some are good, others, not so good.

This week on Code 3, Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski of the Santa Clara County (California) Fire Dept. discusses four reasons why becoming a firefighter might not be the right job for you.

Steve has been in the fire service over 20 years. He’s a state-certified chief officer and master instructor, holds a master’s degree in emergency services administration, has completed the EFO Program at the National Fire Academy and has received Chief Fire Officer and Chief Training Officer designation.

Here are his four main reasons why you might want to choose another career:

1. You’re only in it for the wages.

2. You’re only in it for the benefits.

3. You’re only in it for the schedule.

4. You’re only in it to fight fire and save lives.

Find out why Steve says each of these is probably a poor reason to choose this career on Code 3.

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