How to Get Quicker Knockdowns with Paul Shapiro

How fast do you get a knockdown on most fires?

Our guest on this episode says you should see the effects in 30 seconds.

If you don’t, you’re not flowing enough water.

Paul Shapiro is  back to talk about overwhelming a fire with massive water.

Paul’s been involved with the fire service since 1981. He was an engineer with Las Vegas, Nevada Fire and Rescue for 28 years until he retired.

He is a certified fire instructor III for Nevada and has served on the faculty of many fire academies throughout the United States.

Paul wrote Layin’ The Big Lines, a book on large flow water delivery.

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Trivia question:

If you’re fighting a fire involving jet fuel and foam isn’t enough, what else can be applied?


If foam isn’t enough to stop a jet fuel fire, potassium bicarbonate, sometimes called Purple K, is the traditional dry chemical alternative.