Everyone Wants to Work at This Department with Scott Thompson


Our guest on this show has a new book, titled The Functional Fire Company — Positioning Small Groups for Success & Survival.

It’s intended to explain how to develop a culture of learning and training in your department.

It’s working: his department has a record of retaining motivated firefighters, even though neighboring departments pay more.

Some firefighters even take a pay cut to join his agency.

Scott Thompson is a 35-year veteran of the fire service and chief of The Colony, Texas Fire Department.

He has been a member of volunteer departments as well as worked for some of the fastest growing and most progressive departments in Texas.

Scott has been a classroom presenter and hands-on instructor at FDIC International since 2002.

Here’s the link to pre-order the book.

Scott’s article: Preparing for Future Success

Scott’s article: Philosophy and Fact – How to create a culture for success and survival in the fire service

Trivia question:

If you’re lifting a piece of gear up to the roof of a building, what’s the best knot to use on the rope?


A  clove hitch is the recommended knot to tie when you’re lifting something up to a roof.