How to Set Standards for Probie Training with Jesse Marcotte

This week’s show is related to another recent one. If you haven’t heard episode 344 with Jennifer Stanislaw, go ahead and listen to it—it dovetails nicely with this one.

On this episode, we’re talking about the importance of setting standards for probie training.

Years ago, that training consisted of handing the probie a mop as often as a ladder. It was designed to “teach a solid work ethic.”

But just as hazing has (mostly) faded away in the firehouse, new firefighters expect better training on the techniques they’ll need in the field. Their bosses expect them to know those tactics as well.

That’s why today’s guest says it’s important to set the bar for probies and keep raising it. He has some ideas of how to do that.

Jesse Marcotte is the training chief for the Northville Township, Michigan Fire Department. He is a member of the UL FSRI Training Advisory Committee. And he served as a board member of the ISFSI.

He also spoke on today’s topic at FDIC 2024.


Jesse’s article: Probationary Firefighter Training: Setting and Raising the Bar