Networking for the Future Firefighter with Dave McGlynn

If you’re trying to join the fire service, raise your hand.

Wow, that’s a lot of you.

There are some good resources to help you with things like passing the written tests and the interview stage.

But one of the keys is mentorship, a/k/a “networking.” Turns out, who you know really can make a difference in getting in the door.

My guest today is here to explain.

Dave McGlynn is a 17-year Fire and Emergency Services veteran who has worked in both municipal and federal fire departments as a volunteer and career firefighter.

He is the Chief Training Officer for the US Military Academy at West Point’s Fire Department. Dave also owns Passion in Leading, LLC.

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Trivia question:

What is a Bresnan nozzle?


A Bresnan nozzle is an old-school appliance used to fight basement fires. It’s named for FDNY Battalion Chief John Bresnan, who helped design it.

Bresnan Nozzle

The nozzle has nine holes it in that produce a water stream up, down and out all at the same time and in a spinning motion.

It’s also called a cellar nozzle and was designed to be used in hard-to-reach basement fires where the line could not push down the stairs from the interior.

Crews would cut a hole in the floor to provide access to the basement, then lower the cellar nozzle into the opening to knock down the fire.