The Clean-Cab Controversy with David Lujan and Keith Collins

The Bernalillo County Fire Department in New Mexico is trying a new idea to cut down on job-related cancer.

The department is adding apparatus, over time, that has compartments to store turnout gear.

Firefighters won’t generally wear their turnouts in the rig on the way to or from a fire.

It’s called the “Clean cab” policy, and spokesman Lt. David Lujan says it won’t change response time.

Here’s a news story on the concept:


There’s been some skepticism from firefighters on social media.

Joining me to explain his concerns is Keith Collins.

Keith has more than 14 years in the fire service, including military service, and is currently working as a firefighter in Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Trivia question:

True or false: the diastolic blood pressure indicates the pressure when the left ventricle contracts.


False. The diastolic blood pressure is the pressure when the left ventricle dilates and refills with blood.