Safety at Crash Scenes with Jack Sullivan

Your department likely doesn’t respond to as many fires as it used to.

Maybe you do a lot of medical runs.

But I’ll bet you respond to a load of motor vehicle crashes.

You probably don’t think of them as a big deal. Most of the time, they’re not.

So you become complacent.

But my guest on this episode says you need to worry about your own safety when you’re at a scene.

Jack Sullivan is the Director of Training for the Emergency Responder Safety Institute. He retired from the fire service after 25 years as a firefighter, company officer and safety officer. He’s also a Certified Safety Professional with 35 years of safety consulting and training experience.

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Trivia question:
Who was the first female fire chief of a career department in the US?

The first female head of a career fire department, Chief Rosemary Bliss in Tiburon, California became fire chief in 1993.