The Beginner’s Mindset and Why You Need It with George McNeil

Let’s talk Zen Buddism. Do you know the term Shoshin?

It’s the Japanese word for a beginner’s mind.

A verse from a philosopher says:

“It is not difficult

to keep a beginner’s mind.

There are many possibilities in a beginner’s mind

but in the expert few.”

… which is why my guest today says it’s important to keep the beginner’s mindset.

To always be learning, to be confident in what you know, but never cocky. To remember why you got into this profession.

George McNeil forgot those things, and he paid a price. Now he wants to make sure you don’t forget them. George has ten years’ experience working in rural fire and emergency medical services. He’s been a paramedic/firefighter an emergency manager and flight paramedic.

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