Firefighting in the 21st Century with Stan Tarnowski

Just about every firefighter enjoys reading about the experiences of other members of the brotherhood.

That’s why books written by veteran firefighters are so popular. Plus, they give potential new recruits valuable real-world information on how to get into the fire service.

My guest today is Stan Tarnowski, who is back on Code 3 to talk about his new book, “Firefighting in the 21st Century.” It’s part memoir, part textbook, and it’s all interesting.

This is Chief Tarnowski’s third book.

Stan has served as fire chief, 911 and EMA director in Union City, Georgia.

He began his career in 1975 with the Boston- Logan International Airport Fire Department.

Stan’s been a deputy and suppression chief at the Georgia State Fire Academy, and chief of training at the Henry County Fire Department.

And he is currently the president of Firesafe Consulting Group.

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