Community Paramedicine with Matt Zavadsky

It’s the biggest buzzphrase in EMS right now, and it holds the potential to change the EMS landscape considerably.

Community Paramedicine, or Mobile Integrated Health, are two names for one concept.

“Community paramedicine (CP) is a new and evolving model of community-based health care in which paramedics function outside their customary emergency response and transport roles in ways that facilitate more appropriate use of emergency care resources and/or enhance access to primary care for medically underserved populations.”

-Univ. of California-Davis report
Matt Zavadsky

Our guest to discuss the impact of Community Paramedicine is Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, EMT, the public affairs director at MedStar Mobile Healthcare, the exclusive emergency and nonemergency EMS/MIH provider for Fort Worth and 14 other cities in North Texas.

Matt’s had a good deal of experience with this emergency service model and explains how and why it will change fire-based EMS for the better.

If you have questions, he’s asked us to give you his email, so here it is:

The UC-Davis report can be found here. Community Paramedicine articles

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