Avoiding Sexual Harassment Claims with John Murphy

With the recent increased attention on sexual harassment in the workplace, now may be a good time to address it in the firehouse.

Here to discuss what departments and officers need to know about sexual harassment – and what cultural change is required to eliminate it – is John K. Murphy.

He’s a retired firefighter with 32 years of service who is now an attorney.  He deals with cases concerning employment, firefighters, and fire departments.

John’s article: Preventing #MeToo Legal Fires

Article: Fire Service Sexual Harassment: Leaders Must Set the Tone

Article: Sexual Harassment in the Fire Service: How Can You Not Know?

Trivia question:

What fire service tool can be used to secure a monitor by driving the tool into the ground and securing the monitor to the tool?


Next time you need to secure a monitor, try driving a pry bar into the ground and attaching the monitor to that.