Using Riding Assignments with Chad Menard

Engine company riding assignments are the key to a ready arrival at a scene. They eliminate confusion.

But some departments don’t actually specify who’s doing what, and this show’s guest says that’s a mistake.

Chad Menard is a Captain/Paramedic for a city fire department in Alabama. He’s a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Managing Officer Program.

He’s a USAR rescue technician with Alabama Task Force 3, and a Level II State Certified Fire Instructor and Fire Officer.

He’s presented and taught at various regional and national conferences across the United States.

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Article: Riding Assignments

Trivia question:

If you’re fighting a fire involving jet fuel and foam isn’t enough, what else can be applied?


If foam isn’t enough to stop a jet fuel fire, potassium bicarbonate, sometimes called Purple K, is the traditional dry chemical alternative.