Victims Expecting Search? with Brian Brush

Do you remember the Tot Finder stickers? For many years, families put them on the windows of children’s rooms, so, in case of fire, firefighters would know they should search that room.

They’ve mostly fallen out of favor, partly for fear that they would alert abductors to the location of potential victims.

But there’s another reason. One fire department explains it this way:

“We at Easton Fire Department prefer to teach a proactive, quick response to fires. The use of these decals could provide a false sense of security for your family.

“Children may feel that by having this decal on their window, it will be okay to stay and wait for the fire department and this isn’t the message we are trying to teach them. They need to learn the importance of getting out of the house as quickly as possible and staying out.”

The problem, our guest says, is that we’re now counting on victims to do that—to rescue themselves –and it may not be realistic. Shouldn’t they rightfully expect firefighters to rescue them?

Here to discuss that is Brian Brush.

Brian’s been in the fire service since 1996 and he’s currently a Firefighter for the City of Edmond, Oklahoma. He has been a classroom instructor at FDIC and is in the EFO program.

Brian’s article: VES: Victims Expecting Search

Trivia question:

The doorway used for access of the initial attack line may be the first ventilation opening to which the fire has access. That’s why it’s a good idea for the team to do what after opening the door?


It’s a good idea for the team to pause briefly to allow the pressurized products of combustion to diminish.