Better Firefighter Career Planning with Billy D. Hayes

If you want a successful career in the fire service, you need to be prepared to do more than just go to a few seminars and training events. Billy D. Hayes, the chief program officer for the National Center for Fire and Life Safety gives us some tips on how to build a career –and a future – in the fire service.

Among his top suggestions: Find a mentor, and that doesn’t even have to be someone in this field, he said. Also: learn! Learn who the advocacy groups are, learn latest tools and techniques. Then apply that learning.

Here’s a column he wrote on the subject.

And here’s an article on How to Succeed After Probation.

Fire Engineering article: Strategic Planning for Training and Professional Development

Trivia Question:

What New Hampshire community required all downtown structures to be built of brick after a fire destroyed all its downtown wooden buildings in 1813?


All buildings in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire had to be made of brick after that fire destroyed the town center.