Training So They Can’t Get it Wrong with Fred Kauser

If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I talk a lot about realistic training.

It’s because there are fewer actual structure fires these days for younger firefighters to see first-hand.

That means they need to learn both skills and understanding in training. And to absorb the concepts well enough that it doesn’t take thought to do them. They become automatic.

So you do it over and over. Because it may take a couple of dozen reps to build muscle memory. A firefighter who is struggling with the ladder is not paying attention to the conditions around him or her.

My guest today is an expert on training and the difference between performance and understanding.

Fred Kauser is the chief of the Mifflin Township, Ohio, Division of Fire. He runs a career department with 100 members. Mifflin Fire responds to about 11,000 incidents a year.

He has a PhD and teaches various topics related to firefighting.


Fred’s article: Firefighter Training: Focus and Repetition