Active shooter response and prevention: Your FD’s role with Alan Berkowsky

With active shooter situations on the rise, there’s been more concern about how schools should deal with them.

Communities around the country have started thinking pro-actively about how they can prevent shootings. And how they’ll respond if one happens in their schools.

My guest on this show is part of that planning process and has some insights on what might be considered.

Alan Berkowsky has been the Fire Chief in Winnetka, Illinois since 2011.

A 35-year veteran of the fire service, he started his career as a paramedic with the Chicago Fire Department. He went on to join the Evanston Fire Department in 1981 as a firefighter/paramedic and became chief of the department in 2004.

He’s been an instructor for the Illinois Tactical Officers Association in the Rescue Task Force Curriculum.

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