The Drew Hughes Story and the Do It for Drew Foundation

On this show, we discuss the tragic case of Drew Hughes, a North Carolina boy who died much too young.

We’ll talk about what happened and why…and how it could be prevented from ever happening again.

Drew was in a skateboarding accident, but that wasn’t what killed him.

He died after his brain was starved for oxygen by an ET tube, improperly inserted in an ambulance.

It’s  heartbreaking story, and we’ll hear from Drew’s father about the Do It for Drew Foundation he and his wife started to educate medical professionals in the hopes that similar situations of medical-care errors can be avoided.

We also talk with Battalion Chief Bradley Dean from the Training Division at Rowan County Emergency Services in Salisbury, North Carolina about what EMS professionals can learn from this case.

Brad’s article: ‘Do it for Drew’ by checking and rechecking tube placement