Should Fire Engines Really Be Red? with Dr. Stephen Solomon

What color is a fire engine?

Well, if you’re a fan of traditional fire helmets, then I assume you’d prefer your apparatus to be red.

You know, fire engine red.

But for years, since the 1970s, there’s been that nagging question of conspicuity.

What color is safest? What color do drivers see most readily?

In today’s world of highly distracted drivers, does color matter?

My guest is Dr. Stephen Solomon.

He’s taken a look at the data that’s been collected and has some answers.

Stephen is an optometrist. He’s also a veteran firefighter, with 17 years as a captain, and 17 years as a fire commissioner.

He is a hazmat tech and TRT supervisor in Tioga County, New York.

He’s worked on projects to make fire apparatus safer. And you know that reflective and fluorescent trim on your turnouts? He worked with 3M to develop that.

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