Harassment: Still a Real Problem in Some Firehouses with Linda Willing

Today’s subject may make you uncomfortable.

If it does, that’s not a bad thing—so stick with me. You could save your own career.

I am talking about harassment in the fire service, both sexual harassment and other types.

Now, look, you know and I know that it goes on. And you know and I know that there have been so-called “sensitivity training” seminars. We also know that they usually aren’t well received. Go ahead, admit it. You snickered—or groaned—the last time word came down that there was one you had to attend.

And by the way, if your department or house doesn’t have these problems, that’s great. But it doesn’t mean they’ve been extinguished. Harassment still goes on.

My guest on this edition knows all that, too. She’s here to talk about how strong leadership can help eliminate it.

Linda Willing is one of our favorite returning guests here on Code 3.

She’s a retired career fire officer who consults with emergency services agencies and other companies through her company, RealWorld Training and Consulting. She’s also a published author and instructs at the National Fire Academy.

Linda’s article: Power plays: Sexual harassment in the fire service is rooted in control

Linda’s article: Harassment training for fire officers: Make it count

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  1. Always love reading Linda Willing’s articles and now hearing her here on Code 3. As a 65-year-old white male who’s a retired fire department battalion chief–26 years with the Chesterfield (Va.) Fire and EMS Department–I firmly believe that male firefighters could stop sexual harassment towards women firefighters tomorrow. Stop being silent when you see and hear someone being a target of harassment. See something, say something, do something!

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