What MCI Incident Commanders Should Know with Vincent Bettinazzi

There have been several unfortunate mass-casualty incidents recently as the result of an active shooter. Although the public’s attention is usually focused on the police response, these events ask a lot of a fire-medical incident commander as well.

If your department’s training schedule doesn’t include MCI-specific training, you could find yourself in trouble when you arrive at a real-world MCI and learn the hard way the importance of coordination of resources. Even small details like not blocking-in paramedic units that need to transport become big problems when no one’s planned for them.

Here to discuss what ICs need to know about mass casualty incidents is Vince Bettinazzi.

He’s a battalion chief with the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Fire Department. He’s been there since 2007. Vince is a member of the department’s Ocean Rescue Team and he’s a certified USLA lifeguard. He also co-hosts the “Beyond the Stretch” podcast.


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