Surviving More Than Flames with Todd LeDuc

Firefighting has always been about survival. But now, we are recognizing that fire isn’t the only danger.

Whether it’s occupational cancer, cardiovascular events, or behavioral health injuries, the threats are constant.

A new book, Surviving the Fire Service,  contains vital information about cancer, cardiovascular risk, medical exams and screening, nutrition, managing heat stress, and a whole lot more.

It explains how to manage and reduce the risks that come with your career.

Here to tell us more is Todd LeDuc, the editor of Surviving the Fire Service.

Todd LeDuc retired as assistant fire Chief for Broward County Florida Fire/Rescue after a 30-year career.

Todd is the Chief Strategy Officer at Life Scan Wellness Centers. Life Scan provides NFPA 1582 compliant early detection physicals to some 35,000 firefighters and law enforcement officers.

He’s also Secretary of the IAFC’s Safety, Health & Survival Section.


  • Susie Day, MS, PhD
  • Bryan Frieders, Firefighter Cancer Support Network
  • Michael Hamrock, MD
  • Denise Smith, PhD, FACSM
  • Stefanos Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM
  • Gavin Horn, PhD
  • Sara Jahnke, PhD
  • Jeffery S. Johnson, Newport News (VA) Fire Chief
  • Adam LaReau, O2X founder
  • Frank Leto, captain, FDNY
  • Lori Moore-Merrell, International Public Safety Data Institute

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