How To Be Aggressive Without Being Reckless with Duane Daggers

I’ve noticed a lot of chatter on social media over the past months about the idea that fire departments aren’t aggressive enough anymore.

The next poster will comment that we’re no longer in the stone age, and we can’t be so reckless anymore.

Then someone will bring up Danny Dwyer, and things will get personal.

Now, look: if my house is on fire, I want the firefighters who respond to save my wife, if she’s trapped. Period. If she’s out, save my stuff. Don’t stand outside and call it a defensive fire. Or wait for more resources.

So I get that. But today’s guest says aggressive does not equal reckless.

Duane Daggers is a captain with the City of Chesapeake, Virginia, Fire Department and a life member with the Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania Volunteer Fire Company. He’s been on the job for 35 years, and an instructor for over 20 years.

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