Are Transitional Attacks Smarter Firefighting? with Nick Salameh

I just had Pete Van Dorpe on the show, talking about his article from 2015 titled, “Mounting an Intelligent Interior Attack.”

Coincidentally, Nick Salameh, a previous guest on this show, wrote an article this month for Fire Engineering that referred to Pete’s story.

He called it, “Why Aren’t More Firefighters Making the Change to Intelligent Firefighting?’

In it, he suggested that some of today’s firefighters “after a decade of findings, are  still doing the same things they’ve always done when other proven tactics are available to make firefighters much more intelligent, efficient, and effective”

Nick Salameh is a 36-year veteran of the fire service. He was a Fire/Emergency Medical Services Captain level II and previous Training Program Manager for the Arlington County, Virginia Fire Department, where he served 31 years. He is a former Chair of the Northern Virginia Fire Departments Training Committee.

Nick’s article: Why Aren’t More Firefighters Making the Change to Intelligent Firefighting?

Article: Combining transitional attack and early ventilation to reduce toxic exposures