When to Teach with Randall Hanifen

Firefighters are unique in a way you may not have thought much about:

You love to impart knowledge on younger members of the fire service.

But when are you ready to teach?

Is there a certain rank you need first? Or years of service? What makes you an expert in a subject, anyway?

My guest today can answer those questions.

Dr. Randall Hanifen is a captain for the West Chester Fire Department in Ohio.

He also runs Hanifen & Associates, a crisis management company. He is the associate author of a book, “Disaster Planning and Control”

Randy’s article: Firefighter ranks and the right time to become an educator

Get his book:

Trivia question:
What tool should be used to vent Lexan?

The tool that should be used to vent Lexan is a rotary saw.