Where and When to Stretch Dry with Anthony Avillo

Our topic on this episode is stretching a dry line. Way back in Firefighting 101, they taught where to do it and where not to.

Problem is, my guest today says, once you gain some experience, sometimes that training goes unheeded.

And that can lead to firefighters in a world of trouble.

Here to give us a refresher on where to stretch dry is Anthony Avillo.

He retired a Deputy Chief with North Hudson, New Jersey, Regional Fire & Rescue with 34 years in the fire service.

With three decades in the fire service, he’s an instructor at the Monmouth County, New Jersey, Fire Academy. And an FDIC instructor and a member of the FDIC advisory board.

Anthony’s article: Where Do You Stretch to Dry?

Article: Dry & Wet Hoseline Stretches

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Trivia question:
According to research cited in a report by the National Volunteer Fire Council, what percentage of firefighters are either overweight or obese?

Between 73 and 88% of firefighters are either overweight or obese, according to the NVFC.