Life and Death Matters with Samuel and Christian Adams

Today’s fire departments ask more of their members than they used to.

You’re now required to be at least an EMT in most departments, and there are advantages to being further qualified as a paramedic, too.

Today’s show is about being a good paramedic. It’s not just about emergency medicine.

My guests today are brothers who wrote a book about what it takes to fit into a world with no grey area.

The book is “Life and Death Matters: Professionalism and Decision-Making for the First Responder.”

The authors are Samuel and Christian Adams. They’re firefighter/paramedics in Colorado Springs. Together, they have over 20 years experience in firefighting and emergency medicine.

Get the book:

Trivia question:

If your trauma patient is complaining of pain in the LUQ and is showing signs of hypoperfusion, what might you suspect?


The patient may have a ruptured spleen.