Why You Must Be EMS Trained with Mike Wolfschmidt

Does your department require firefighters to be EMTs or Paramedics? It seems like most career departments do these days.

What if it doesn’t? Does that mean you don’t need to get certified?

Today, we’re talking about the need to be EMS-qualified. Think about this scenario: you respond to a structure fire along with a rescue ambulance. Almost immediately, you find a burn victim, package him up, and send him to the hospital.

Now what happens when one of your firefighters is injured making the secondary search? The EMTs are gone. A backfill crew hasn’t arrived yet. If you can’t treat him, he’s not going to get treated.

That’s just one good reason for every department to have firefighters trained in medical protocols, says today’s guest.

Michael Wolfschmidt is a fourth-generation career firefighter/EMT in Westampton Township, New Jersey. His duties range from Squad and Truck Company operations to EMS.

He coordinates the training for the department as well. In addition, Mike works as a deputy district fire warden for the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.

He’s also a past chief and life member of the Surf City Volunteer Fire Company and EMS, where he started as a junior firefighter in 1998.


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