When Engine Companies Must Do Truck Company Work with Justin Bailey

Smaller fire departments often work with less personnel than they need.

That means there are very few specialists in a volunteer department or a rural agency.

One of the specialists you’ll miss right away if you join one is the truckie. While city departments are having (good-natured) arguments over who’s better or more important, small town engine companies need to do both jobs.

And, sometimes, they need to do them with two or three firefighters on the engine.

How do you manage those roles? What’s more important when you arrive on scene?

Today’s guest works at both a career department and as a volunteer and he has some thoughts.

Justin Bailey is a return guest to the Code 3 podcast. He’s the fire chief of the Oliver Springs, Tennessee, Fire Department. He’s also a master firefighter with the Knoxville, Tennessee, Fire Department, where he’s worked since 2007.


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