How to Kill Your Firefighting Career Using Social Media with Marc Bashoor

As a firefighter, you’re an example to the community.

You may already realize that.

And you may already benefit from it— firefighters are usually seen as the Good Guys.

But too many are throwing it away on social media, by writing things they shouldn’t.

And once you do it, you can’t easily undo it.

Marc Bashoor is the guest on this episode to ask whether we should just shut up om social media.

Marc retired last year as fire chief of Prince George’s County, Maryland, Fire/EMS, the largest combination department in North America. He’d been in the fire service since 1981.

Marc’s column: When Is It Time to Just Shut Up?

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Trivia question:

Volunteers make up 70 percent of the firefighters in the US. Where and when was the first volunteer fire department in the nation started?


The first volunteer Fire Company was formed in Philadelphia, PA in 1736. Benjamin Franklin served as America’s first volunteer Fire Chief.