Learning SLAB SAVERS with Jesse Quinalty

Firefighters have a love-hate relationship with acronyms.

There’s SLICE-RS, RECEO, and REVAS.  In fact, Firehouse magazine once published a list of 300 acronyms and abbreviations.

One of the newest is SLAB SAVERS. It’s a way to define two kinds of fire scene elements.

SLAB helps define whether it will be an offensive or defensive attack.

SAVERS gives us the specifics of that attack.

Our guest on this show explains how he developed and how to apply those acronyms.

Jesse Quinalty is a Master Instructor and the owner of Red Helmet Training in Southern California.

He’s been a speaker at FDIC, Firehouse World, Firehouse Expo, and many other major conventions.

He is a Captain with the San Bernardino County Fire Department working in Division 6 and was the Operations and Training Captain at his previous department.

Jesse’s company, Red Helmet Training

His article: SLAB SAVERS strategy and tactics, part 1

SLAB SAVERS strategy and tactics, part 2

Trivia question:
What defines Type-5 building construction?

Type-5 construction is wood-framed construction. The walls and roofs are made of combustible materials—usually wood. If the walls are wood-framed, the roof usually is as well.
Studies have found that lightweight construction will fail within minutes of direct fire exposure.