Ideas for Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers with Candice McDonald

Sometimes, it seems like people just don’t have the time to be a volunteer firefighter anymore.

It’s getting harder to find people to volunteer and even more difficult to keep them after they’ve been trained.

Our guest this time completed a three-year doctoral study on firefighter retention.

She’s here to offer some strategies that aren’t based on expensive campaigns. They’re practical ideas.

Dr. Candice McDonald is a firefighter/PIO with Sebring, Ohio Fire Department and a firefighter with the Winona, Ohio Fire Department. She also works for NASA as a federal special agent/physical security specialist. She’s a contributing author to Fire Engineering and Fire Rescue and holds a doctorate in business administration/homeland security.

Candice’s dissertation: Retention of Internal Stakeholders in the U.S. Volunteer Fire Service

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Trivia question:
What was the deadliest hotel fire in US history?

The deadliest hotel fire in US history was the Winecoff Hotel fire, which killed 119 in Atlanta in 1946.