You’re a New Company Officer – Now What? with Jacob Johnson

If you’re about to promote to company officer, this show is for you.

Most firefighters want to move up and take charge of the crew. It’s natural to assume you could do it better, right? And there’s the pay bump.

But once you pass the test and are selected, you may find it’s a whole different ballgame than you thought.

Especially these days, there isn’t a whole lot of fireground commanding involved in being a company officer.

It’s a good dose of administrative work punctuated by training evolutions and then…then….you need to be ready for the structure fire when it happens.

My guest today is here to discuss what he’s learned about what it is to be a company officer.

Jacob Johnson is a returning guest to Code 3. He’s an assistant chief for the city of Pearland, Texas Fire Department. He over has two decades in the fire service