Sister in a Brotherhood with Cindie Schooner-Ball

We call it the Brotherhood. It’s been the basis of the fire service since … well, forever.

But of course, nowadays, women are joining the brotherhood. Not many yet—the national average is still just 7 percent.

Still,  inroads are being made: more and more women are becoming fire chiefs.

My guest today is Cindie Schooner-Ball. She writes a blog exploring where women fit into the fire service. It’s called Sister in a Brotherhood.

Cindie retired from the job a couple of years back, having worked her way up from firefighter in 1987 to captain.

Trivia question:
If you bleed the trapped air off of a charged hose line by cracking open the nozzle momentarily and then take a pressure reading at the closed nozzle with no water flowing, what type of pressure reading would you get?

The pressure reading at a closed nozzle with no water flowing is static pressure.