How to stop the job from taking over your life with Dr. Donnie Hutchinson

What are your priorities in life?

Most firefighters will typically answer this question by saying, “My family, my health, and my job.”

But the reality is, most firefighters I’ve known, and I’ll bet most you know, are more likely to put their job first, their family second, and their health a distant third.

For example, a study found that about 80% of career firefighters are obese.

And it’s pretty well-known that firefighters are frequently workaholics, taking extra shifts and working second and even third jobs. You do it for your family, of course. But that takes your time away from them, too.

There’s an obvious disconnect between what firefighters say they value and what they do.

My guest today says that all adds up over time and causes a lot of avoidable problems.

Dr. Donnie Hutchinson says it’s time to find a work-life balance. It’s doable, and he’s here to explain how.

Donnie is a work-life balance speaker who has held many firefighter health and wellness seminars. He’s spoken at IAFF conferences.   He is a professor at the University of Dayton teaching leadership courses in the MBA school.  He’s written two books on work-life balance.

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