What Qualifies a Volunteer to be a Chief Officer? with Ed Dolan

What qualifies someone to be a battalion chief?

If they’re in a career department, it’s pretty clear. They need a specific amount of experience, they have to pass a written test, and probably an oral board of some kind.

But what about volunteers? That’s a whole ‘nother deal. The volunteer BC may simply have more “time in grade” before being allowed to promote.

This may be a person who shows up for more required training days and more responses than others.

But does that qualify someone to run a fireground?

Is it time to start testing candidates for the battalion chief – and higher – ranks?

My guest to discuss that is Ed Dolan.

He’s been a member of the Catskill Fire Department in New York for 30 years, and he’s served 16 years as a chief officer.

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