Designing the Ultimate Fire Engine with Ricky Riley

What if you had unlimited funds to design and build the ultimate fire engine for your department?

Yours would undoubtedly look different than one designed halfway across the country.

You don’t have to be an engineer to be a gearhead when it comes to fire engines.

In fact, you don’t even have to be a firefighter, judging by the YouTube videos.

But it helps to have some background if you want to talk about what makes the ultimate rig.

That’s why my guest on this show is Ricky Riley.

He runs Traditions Training LLC.

He’s the fire apparatus manager for a large east coast fire department.  And he’s the Rescue Engine Captain at the Kentland,  Maryland Volunteer Fire Department.

Ricky has previously served as the Operations Chief for Clearwater, Florida Fire & Rescue and a Firefighter for the Fairfax County Virginia Fire & Rescue.

He also writes the online column, The Rig.

Ricky’s article; Different Departments, Same Fire Apparatus Ideas

Article: Where to mount the pump?

Article: Rear-mount vs,. mid-mount aerial ladders

Pumper-related trivia question:
What is the approximate friction loss of 100 feet of 5 inch hose at 1000 GPM?

The approximate friction loss of 100 feet of 5 inch hose at 1000 GPM is 7 psi.