Weapon Selection for Today’s Fires with Curt Isakson

You’ve heard the phrase, “fight fire with fire.”  Yeah, that’s what the wildland guys do.

(For those of you who aren’t firefighters, they really do. But that’s another show.)

But structural firefighting usually means water. That takes a solid understanding of the different size attack lines available, the capabilities of each size line, and the nozzle or nozzles that properly go with each size line.

Curt Isakson is teaching a class on all that at Firehouse World 2018 next week. It’s called “Weapon Selection for Today’s Fires.”

Curt has been on the job for 27 years. He’s a battalion chief for Escambia County, Florida, Fire-Rescue. He teaches nationally and owns the website countyfiretactics.com.

Nozzle Overview: Weapon Selection with Curt Isakson

Trivia question:
Where was the first full-time paid professional fire department in the U.S.?

On April 1, 1853, Cincinnati, Ohio debuted the first professional fire department made up of 100% full-time employees.