Risk: Yes, You DID Sign Up For This with Steve Prziborowski

Do you detect a lack of willingness among your firefighters to take risks? Have company officers – or your department policy – made “2-in-2-out” a hard-and-fast rule?

Are they lacking passion for the job?

Today’s guest has been noticing that trend, and he’s concerned.

Now, let’s be clear: no one is advocating that firefighters freelance or take uncalculated or foolhardy risks.

But whether it’s making entry at a partially-involved structure fire or treating a COVID patient, he’s more than a little concerned that risk-taking is not something firefighters are prepared to do.

And, he points out, that’s why you took the oath in the first place, right?

Steve Prziborowski has more than 30 years of fire service experience. He’s a retired deputy chief of training for the Santa Clara County Fire Department in California. He runs Code 3 Fire Training and Education. (No relation to this podcast, but check it out!)  He has written and co-written articles, been on podcasts, videos, blogs, and published four career development books, with a fifth on the way.


Steve’s article: Courage Under Fire Leadership: Never Forget Why We Accepted the Oath