Own It! with Andrew Sauder

When you think of ownership, what comes to mind?

Well, there’s Rick Lasky’s book, “Pride and Ownership.” That’s what we’re talking about on this show: having a sense of ownership when it comes to how you do your job.

For some firefighters, ownership means keeping the apparatus clean and shiny.

But today’s guest, Andrew Sauder, says there’s a lot more to owning it than cosmetics.

Andrew has been with Springfield, Ohio, Township Fire Department for 11 years, the last 4 years serving as the Lieutenant of an Engine House.

He explains what it means to “own it” as well as taking on some leadership and mentorship topics.

His article: Own it!

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Trivia question:
During a hazardous materials response, the Incident Commander and what other position are required by OSHA?

During a hazardous materials response, the OSHA requires an Incident Commander and a Safety Officer.

And these positions cannot be filled by the same person.