SLICE-RS, Risk, and Saving Lives with Robert Avsec

This week, we’re going to make some people angry.

We’re talking structure fires, risk, and SLICE-RS.

If you’re a probie, that’s an acronym for Size-up, Locate the fire, Isolate the flow path, Cool from a safe distance, Extinguish, Rescue and Salvage at any time in the process.

Today’s guest says that, by following those steps in that order, you’ll have a less risky fireground.

But what about those who advocate for RECEO-VS?  That’s Rescue, Exposure, Confine, Extinguish, Overhaul and Ventilate, Salvage.

That puts “rescue” first, which, while it may not be as safe for the firefighter, suggests that saving lives is the priority in a structure fire.

Can using SLICE-RS result in more lives saved? How is that possible?

 I’ll ask that of Robert Avsec.

He retired as a Battalion Chief with the Chesterfield, Virginia Fire & EMS Department after 26 years of service. He’s instructed fire, EMS, and hazardous materials courses at the local, state and federal levels, including 10 years with the National Fire Academy. He writes a blog and is a published author.


Robert’s article: ‘Risk a little to save a lot’: A new look at an old mantra